Hoffmann Green Signs Partnership with Groupe Tartarin in Vienne, France

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has entered into a commercial partnership with Groupe Tartarin, a specialist in industrial and environmental concrete based in Vienne, France.

Hoffmann Green Signs Partnership with Groupe Tartarin in Vienne, France

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, a key player in the decarbonation of the construction sector known for its innovative clinker-free cements, has announced a strategic partnership with Groupe Tartarin. The agreement involves supplying Hoffmann Green Cement's 0% clinker cements to Groupe Tartarin's network of ready-to-use concrete plants located in the Vienne region of France. Groupe Tartarin, established in 1923, offers a diverse range of concrete solutions tailored to specific needs, ranging from garages to industrial buildings. This collaboration signifies a joint commitment towards decarbonizing the construction industry and enhancing the quality and sustainability of concrete production.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, Co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting its significance in advancing the decarbonation agenda within the construction sector. Nicolas Tartarin, CEO of Groupe Tartarin, emphasized the company's dedication to reducing carbon footprint while maintaining concrete quality standards. By leveraging Hoffmann Green's innovative clinker-free cement technology, Groupe Tartarin aims to introduce environmentally friendly solutions in its construction projects without compromising on quality.

This partnership not only strengthens Hoffmann Green's presence in Western France but also underscores its commitment to sustainable construction practices. The collaboration between these industry leaders reflects a shared vision for eco-friendly building materials and signifies a step towards greener construction practices in the region.

Source: Place de la Bourse