Holcim North America Launches ECOAsh in Western Canada

Holcim North America introduces ECOAsh, a sustainable fly ash solution, at a new facility in Alberta, marking a significant step in the construction industry’s decarbonization efforts.

Holcim North America Launches ECOAsh in Western Canada

Holcim North America, a leader in sustainable building materials, has announced the introduction of ECOAsh within its Lafarge Western Canada operations. This innovative product is a high-quality, specification-grade Type F fly ash reclaimed from landfills, enhancing cement and concrete construction applications.

The new processing facility in Alberta, the first within the Holcim Group globally, utilizes advanced beneficiation technology to meet the growing market demand for high-performance, green, and circular cement and concrete building materials. ECOAsh represents a circular and innovative solution, contributing significantly to sustainability and supporting the construction of greener, smarter cities.

Toufic Tabbara, Holcim regional head for North America, emphasized the importance of integrating circular building materials like ECOAsh to meet the demands of a growing population and drive the portfolio towards a sustainable future.

Fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, is widely used as a supplementary cementitious material. Its use not only offers performance and economic benefits but also reduces the carbon footprint of construction materials. As the industry moves away from coal-fired power plants, the sourcing of reliable fly ash supplies becomes a challenge, making the harvesting and beneficiation of legacy landfilled ash a viable alternative.

Source: finance.yahoo.com