Cementos Molins Advances Its Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy with New Appointments

Cementos Molins strengthens its commitment to technological innovation and digital transformation by adding two professionals to its IT Solutions and Services team, marking a significant step towards enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

Cementos Molins Advances Its Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy with New Appointments

Cementos Molins, a leading player in the construction materials industry, has announced a strategic move to bolster its technological innovation and digital transformation efforts. The company has welcomed Javier Sueiras as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Rocco Lisi as the head of the digital area. These appointments are part of Cementos Molins' accelerated plans to embrace technological advancements and digitalization, with a clear focus on continuously improving customer service.

Javier Sueiras will lead the IT Solutions and Services area, focusing on driving strategic technology and digital initiatives. His responsibilities include developing and implementing new processes and advanced technological solutions to enhance various company areas, thereby improving customer experience and operational efficiency across all business aspects. "I am thrilled to join the Cementos Molins team. I am convinced that my experience in projects with a strong technological component in technology, digital transformation, and innovation will help Cementos Molins face the new challenges of the IT area and consolidate the strategic pillars of digitalization and company growth," Sueiras commented.

With an engineering background from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and postgraduate studies in business management and leadership at IESE, ESADE, and Georgetown, Sueiras has built a solid career in the life-science sector, both nationally and internationally, contributing to business growth and digital transformation.

Cementos Molins' digitalization plan for the coming years includes over 50 initiatives across six key areas: Customer Experience, Industry 4.0, Data and Analytics, Employee Experience, Digital Enterprise, and Infrastructure. Among the standout projects is the creation of a center of excellence in artificial intelligence applied to the industry, the implementation of omnichannel processes and solutions for customer relations, and the development of capabilities to promote innovation, change adoption, and collaborative and agile working methods.

To lead this ambitious plan, Rocco Lisi has joined Cementos Molins as the head of the digital area, working directly under the CIO's direction. A telecommunications engineer from the University of Naples Federico II, with postgraduate studies in digitalization, Lisi brings over 20 years of experience in consulting, leading technology and digital transformation projects across various sectors and countries.

Source: cicconstruccion.com