Cementos Molins Appoints Marcos Cela as New CEO

Cementos Molins announces the appointment of Marcos Cela as the new CEO, succeeding Julio Rodríguez, who steps down after nine years.

Cementos Molins Appoints Marcos Cela as New CEO
Source: elnacional.cat

In a strategic move, Cementos Molins, a family-owned cement manufacturer based in Catalonia, has undergone a leadership transition. Marcos Cela, an executive with a comprehensive background in finance and previous roles at Decathlon and Bic Graphic Europe, has been unanimously chosen to replace Julio Rodríguez as CEO.

This decision comes after a planned succession process initiated by Rodríguez's announcement to step down, leading to a thorough evaluation process. Under Rodríguez's leadership, Cementos Molins experienced significant growth, doubling sales to €1.349 billion in 2023 and tripling net profit to €151 million.

The company has expanded its global presence, now operating in multiple countries and employing over 6,300 professionals. Founded in 1928, Cementos Molins has been publicly traded since 1942, with the Molins family retaining over 90% ownership.

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