Severin Feig Appointed as New CEO of Ciments du Maroc

In Morocco, Ciments du Maroc has recently appointed Severin Feig as its new CEO, marking a new chapter in the company's leadership.

Severin Feig Appointed as New CEO of Ciments du Maroc
Photo by Heidi Kaden / Unsplash

Ciments du Maroc, a prominent player in Morocco's cement industry, has announced the appointment of Severin Feig as its new CEO. The decision was made during the company's board meeting held on January 4, 2024, under the chairmanship of Mohamed Elshaibi.

Feig will be taking over the role from Matteo Rosaniego, who has informed the board of his resignation. Set to assume his new position in early February 2024, Feig succeeds Rosaniego, who will move on to become the head of the North-East region of North America within the Heidelberg Materials group.

Severin Feig joined the Heidelberg Materials group in 2012 and has since held various positions, including Director of Treasury, Insurance, and Corporate Risks of the German group. In June 2022, he was also appointed as a member of the German Government's Advisory Council for Sustainable Finance.

Before taking up his current role, Feig held various positions in multinational investment banks, bringing a wealth of experience to his new role at Ciments du Maroc.